Stairways and raised levels are major challenges for disabled individuals, seniors and those recovering from an injury. Platform lifts are a good option for them, being designed to raise a wheelchair along with the user to different floor levels they cannot reach easily. These lifts are durable and ensure easy accessibility both indoors and outdoors. They help to overcome barriers such as steps and easily access the home entrance way, porch etc.

Platform Lifts are of two types.

  • Inclined
  • Vertical

Inclined platform lifts are designed for both straight and curved stairways and travel along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. These lifts have a folding platform and are ideal for buildings and homes where vertical lifts cannot be easily accommodated. These lifts can also be installed on existing stairways with little structural modification. They can be battery operated to perform even during instances of power failure. Savaria and Harmar are two manufacturers that provide platform lifts for residential and commercial purposes. Savaria offers the models Delta and Omega, and IL500 Sierra is from Harmar.  The motor is housed on board the unit with no machine room needed.

Vertical platform lifts ensure easy, smooth and safe access in a vertical direction. They are designed for low-rise travel indoors or outdoors. These lifts can accommodate a wheelchair along with the occupant. They are provided with an array of safety features like sensors which stop the lift if it senses an obstruction. There are several vertical lift models from established manufacturers like Savaria, Harmar, Ascension and Adaptive Engineering.

All these models can be customized by adding call/send stations, a second operating panel, or joystick. A warranty of 36 months is usually provided. ASME A18.1 Safety Standard is a must for platform lifts.

Purchase wheelchair lifts in NY from a well-known dealer who can provide you with certified technicians to install and maintain the lift, and efficient post-sales services.