A user-friendly and cost-effective accessibility solution to improve the mobility of wheelchair users both indoors and outdoors, the Harmar EPL Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) comes with a range of advanced features.  In addition to a ready-to-install design, this enclosed vertical platform lift model does not require modifications to structures or landscaping.

This lift features powder-coated steel enclosure panels and meets exacting VPL standards. It provides vertical access indoors or outdoors to a height of up to 14’. The fixed or pit-mounted ramp ensures easy entry when the lift is lowered and additional stability is assured when the lift is raised. The self-contained, neater appearance supports indoor needs, while weather protection serves outdoor use and applications. The  Harmar EPL comes with a wide range of quality features:

  • Straight-through and 90-degree configurations
  • Rated load: 750 lbs
  • Up to 3 stops
  • Vertical access indoors or outdoors
  • Power ventilation system
  • Power door operators
  • The enclosure can be assembled from the lift platform
  • Constant pressure paddle switch with emergency stop (optional)
  • In-Frame call station
  • Exterior acrylic Dome roof, extending 6’ 8” above the upper landing
  • Acrylic panels for door and tower
  • Manual Lowering

Safety features include a safety pan, final limit, ball nut safety backup, belt monitor, and non-skid surface.

Day Elevator and Lift, is a leading supplier of accessibility systems in the New York and New Jersey area which offers the Harmar EPL Enclosed vertical platform lift and other models of Harmar vertical platform lifts. Partnering with Day Elevator would ensure customized installation and efficient after-sales support for inspection and maintenance. Contact us at (800) 758-5438, schedule a visit to our showroom, or fill out our online contact form for more information about your vertical platform lift options in the greater New York City area. On-call support is available 24 hours a day.