Dumbwaiters are one of the most accepted modes of transporting different types of material from floor to floor in residential and commercial buildings. Leading manufacturers offer advanced models with a wide variety of features. By transporting items to the different floors of a building smoothly and quickly, these accessibility systems greatly ease physical tasks.

Residential dumbwaiters are used to bringing food from the kitchen to the dining room on the upper floor. You can also use them to carry laundry from the utility room to bedrooms on different floors. Outdoor versions of this device are usually used to transport heavier items such as firewood, groceries, suitcases, and a host of other goods from the yard into the home. With a residential dumbwaiter installed, you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying such stuff up and down the stairs.

Advanced commercial dumbwaiter models are designed for settings such as retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and medical establishments. These commercial models have made transportation for room service in a hotel which involves carrying heavy loads of laundry, food items, and clothing, much easier.

Day Elevator & Lift, a leading Long Island dealer that supplies accessibility equipment, offers light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty dumbwaiters from leading brands such as Matot, Elevator Innovation, Waupaca, and Harmar. When it comes to models for commercial settings, the Waupaca 511-Paca Waiter and the Medium Duty dumbwaiter from Matot are popular options. Harmar’s DW100 Ascent is a good option for both residential and commercial purposes. It features a special drive train and track system that allows easy installation. It can easily blend into almost any décor and offers simplicity, durability, and superb performance.

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