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DAY Elevator & Lift offers a wide selection of home wheelchair lifts suitable for use, both inside and outside the home! DAY is a leading elevator and lift company serving the Tri-state area comprising NY, NJ & CT in the US. Our home wheelchair lifts from such leading brands as Adaptive Engineering and Savaria are designed to help wheelchair patients overcome the accessibility challenges that are so much part of their daily life.

Choose from a Variety of

Wheelchair Lifts

You would find our home wheelchair lifts particularly useful if one of your biggest hurdles is the long flight of stairs you would have to climb to reach a room on a higher floor in your residence. You can choose from portable lifts, platform lifts, inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts. The following models of wheelchair lifts are available at DAY Elevator & Lift:

Savaria Wheelchair Lifts
Adaptive Engineering Wheelchair Lifts

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Whatever your requirements of design, safety, easy installation and/or maintenance, durability, or cost may be, we can help you decide on the right kind of lift to suit your residence. We can even design a custom lift for you that incorporate features to your liking. Your home wheelchair lift would be subjected to a check-up at intervals to ensure that it is functioning faultlessly.

To find out more about home wheelchair lifts from DAY Elevator & Lift, contact us at our toll-free number: 1-800-758-5438 or send an email to sales@dayelevator.com.

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