Lev Home Elevator

ThyssenKrupp Access announces the closing of all its US operations. They will not be accepting any new orders. We are therefore sorry to say that Lev Home Elevator from ThyssenKrupp Access has been discontinued and will no longer be available at our company.

Our inventory features a wide selection of home elevators from other leading manufacturers such as Federal Elevator and Savaria.

ThyssenKrupp Access Elevators

  • Lev Home Elevator

We have our services delivered to customers in the Tri-State area which includes New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in US. At DAY Elevator & Lift, our service is not limited to mere installation of elevators, but also includes periodic servicing and maintenance for smooth and efficient operation. Call 1-800-758-5438 or send an email to sales@dayelevator.com for details.

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