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Serving New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, DAY Elevator & Lift is an elevator and lift company that has years of experience in delivering quality portable wheelchair lifts that serve users with specific needs. Our residential outdoor portable lifts are convenient and safe options for home owners, builders, contractors, and architects.

The easy-to-use controls, manual operation capabilities and excellent portability features allow you to access multiple locations easily and conveniently. Incorporated with advanced features, our advanced portable wheelchair lifts ensure you a great deal of independence and comfort.

Portable Wheelchair Lifts

for Your Mobility Needs

Residential Outdoor Portable Wheelchair LiftsYou can choose from different models of residential wheelchair lifts, from leading manufacturers such as Adaptive Engineering, Ascension and Savaria.

Our branded portable wheelchair lifts are distinguished by high performance, quality, durability and complete safety. The benefits include:

We provide installation and maintenance services as well. We ensure:

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