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DAY Elevator and Lift is a leading elevator and lift company serving the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We offer a wide array of high quality automatic door openers for residential use. We have perfect residential indoor automatic door openers for both private residences and apartment buildings.Residential Indoor Automatic Door Openers

Designed Specifically for Residential Indoor Purposes

DAY offers ADA compliant automatic door openers that are designed specifically to assist physically challenged people toward independence. Our automatic door opener solutions can be used in any type of residence where an individual has trouble using a standard door.

Integrated with remote control facility, the residential automatic door openers can be used to open a locked door, pause the door for entry or exit, close automatically and get the door back to its closed position. Our door openers can be customized to suit different residential door arrangements such as outward or inward opening door as well as left hand and right handed door settings. DAY offers quality automatic door openers from Open Sesame and Savaria.

Automatic Door Openers

- Easily Installed

There is no need to make any modification to your existing door to install our residential indoor automatic door openers. These can be easily installed on any doors including metal doors and wood doors. We offer door opener products package with complete installation instructions and optional accessories. Our door opener solutions do not affect the normal manual operation of the door.

With simple and sleek design, our automatic door openers are a perfect cost-effective accessibility solution for use in residences. These can be easily installed, and to install quality automatic door openers in your home, call 1-800-758-5438 or send an e-mail request to

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