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Day Elevator and Lift Inc is a wholly own subsidiary of Day Accessibility and Mobility Solutions Inc. A New York based accessibility solution provider, DAY Elevator & Lift can arrange inspections for your brand new or old accessibility equipment from various manufacturers. This includes Savaria and Federal Elevator. We offer this service for customers based in the areas of New York and New Jersey. With the help of elevator inspections, you can ensure that your elevator has been installed correctly, is functioning suitably, is safe for various climatic conditions, and undergoes proper maintenance.

Dial (800)758-5438 or send an email to to schedule inspections and ensure that your accessibility equipment is code compliant and safe.


Several Beneficial Inspection Solutions

We would get you a qualified inspector to provide services such as the following:

We strive to ensure a thorough inspection that can identify any violations of the acceptable norms.

Avoid Compliance Issues, Penalties, and the Need for Elevator Shutdown

The exhaustive nature of our inspections means that you can avoid non-compliance issues, penalties, or having to shut the accessibility equipment down. What’s more, timely inspection means fewer injuries and accidents. DAY arranges inspections as part of its comprehensive service approach that also includes installation, service, and maintenance. We are committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Contact us to know more about inspections and how they benefit you if you have any accessibility equipment in your building.

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