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DAY Elevator & Lift is the most trusted resource, if you need quality platform lifts for your residential and commercial use. We are absolutely committed to providing our customers and end-users with the finest and perfect elevators and lifts in New York and New Jersey.

Wide Choice of Platform Lifts

Highly preferred in the accessibility industry, with several years of experience, DAY Elevator & Lift offers a wide choice of platform lifts, facilitating fast and convenient movement of people with disabilities. Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are the most attractive and durable choice for both internal and external use. Available with us are platform lifts in different models and sizes from leading manufacturer such as Savaria. The two models of platform lifts offered at DAY Elevator & Lift are vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts being offered under the Savaria brands include Multilift, V1504. The V1504 platform lift is a most versatile lift for both residential and commercial use, with a unique drive and platform design, powerful hydraulic system, gear type hydraulic pump, and electronic free relay logic controller. The Multilift vertical platform model provides a rugged and reliable design for low-rise travel, making an affordable option for budget-minded consumers.

Inclined Platform Lifts

ES125 model from Savaria is popular model of incline platform lift, well suited for both residential and commercial settings. The ES125 model offers an anti-skid surface, obstruction sensor, grab rails, and safety brake.

All the platform lifts supplied by DAY Elevator & Lift are manufactured to the highest standard. We assist individuals, home contractors, builders/architects and designers in selecting, designing, and installing platform lifts. When it comes to installing a platform lift, we can give you the right advice and help on its installation and further technical maintenance. We provide ongoing customer support and offer 24-hour on-call service to keep your equipment running safely and securely at all times.

Please feel free to call 1-800-758-5438 or email us at for any help you may need. You can also complete our Free Consultation Request.

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