Electric Stair Lifts for the Home

Electric stair lifts for the home are of great utility value if there is an elderly or disabled individual at your home, as they would allow them to easily move up and down the stairs and access different floors. DAY Elevator and Lift is one of the best and reliable elevator and lift company for consultation, purchase and installation of accessibility equipment such as stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, automatic door openers, and elevators.

Electric Stair Lifts

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Electric Stair Lifts for the Home

DAY provides electric stair lifts manufactured by Savaria for homes in New York and New Jersey. Electric stair chair lifts can be powered with standard household A/C current or batteries. Some of the features of electric home stair lifts include:

Ensure a Smooth and Safe Ride

The SoftStart technology used in these lifts ensures a smooth and safe ride with its gentle acceleration. The seat height of the stair lifts can be adjusted to suit your needs. These devices have built in sensors that would automatically detect any obstruction in their path and halt by themselves to prevent any damage to either the object or the stair lift. They can be installed anywhere in your house, both inside and outside.

Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals would make quality installations and provide instructions on the working of these lifts. Please fill out the form to schedule your free consultation. For pricing brochures and more information about electric stair lifts for the home, please make a call to our toll free number, 1-800-758-5438 or e-mail us at sales@dayelevator.com.

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