Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevators are distinguished by their heavier loading capacity and bigger car size when compared to residential elevators. They serve to transport a large number of people, including wheelchair users, as well as heavy goods between the floors of a building. Installed in offices, hospitals, and other public buildings, these elevators are designed to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and latest elevator codes. Building codes as prescribed by American with Disabilities Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) also have to be followed when setting up a commercial elevator to ensure that commercial buildings are easily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.

The main functions and safety features commercial elevators come with are:

Premium Elevator Models for Commercial Use

As a responsible provider of accessibility equipment, DAY Elevator and Lift offers commercial elevators that meet all necessary safety standards as well as LULA (Limited Use or Limited Application) elevators that are ideal for low-rise commercial buildings, schools and churches. A LULA elevator has the look and feel of a commercial elevator, but on a smaller scale. The LULA elevators that we supply offer all the standard features of commercial elevators and are designed to provide users with safe vertical transportation in low-rise buildings.

DAY supplies the following elevator models for commercial use:

Expert Elevator Installation Service

DAY Elevator and Lift offers architects, contractors and builders expert installation service for elevators in accordance with federal and state guidelines. Whether you are working on a new project, overhauling an existing elevator or installing one in an existing building, our certified technicians can offer you the necessary support. We also provide elevator maintenance services.

Savaria Orion Elevator
Federal Serenus Elevator
Evolution LULA Elevator

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