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Based in New York, DAY Elevator & Lift is a leading mobility equipment supplier serving New York and New Jersey. We can supply a full line of ADA compliant stairlifts, elevators and wheelchair lifts for the physically challenged and disabled persons. Serving as the authorized dealer of accessibility equipment from major international manufacturers, we strive to improve the quality of people’s lives.

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The remote controlled Open Sesame door opener system is one of the products sold at DAY Elevator & Lift. Designed for the home environment, Open Sesame door opener is a highly reliable system complete with steel housing, Open Sesame Door Openerpermanently lubricated steel gears, ultra reliable motors, commercial grade door release hardware and other metal parts. Operated with a wheelchair mounted remote control, this automatic door opener eliminates manual door opening and closing procedures, and facilitates entry or exit from buildings at the touch of a button.

The features that make Open Sesame door system distinctive and popular are:

Additional Features

In addition to the above, Open Sesame door system has a keyless entry pad that can be fixed on the outside of the door and optional controls to accommodate any kind of disability. These control systems can be connected to wheelchair controls and specialty switches.

At DAY Elevator & Lift, our service is not confined to the mere supply of Open Sesame door openers. From preliminary design to complete installation and post completion maintenance, we offer everything you need to enjoy complete independence and satisfaction with an Open Sesame door system.

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